Important Exam Notices

  • First Time Users

    Moodle is a tool used by lecturers to enhance the learning and teaching experience. It fosters improved collaboration amongst the students and teachers.

    In order to use Moodle, users are required to login through the text boxes provided in Moodle's menu bar.

    Upon initial login, users are required to update their profile. Some of the important information that needs to be entered are your first and last name, email, city and country.

    Upon clicking the Update profile button, if the provided information is sufficient and correct, Moodle should notify you that an email has been sent to your specified email address. Profile update is not complete unless a link sent through the email is clicked.

    When the link is clicked, it should bring you back to the profile update page. Without changing anything, click on Update Profile button again. This shall bring you to your profile page.

    Accessing the Units

    Towards the left of the page, you should see Navigation Block. You should be able to locate your courses under My courses.

    Enrolling for unit through online student management system is different then enrolling in Moodle.

    Your lecturer may enroll you themselves or may provide you with an enrollment key to enroll yourself.

    In case your lecturer is enrolling you themselves, your name in Moodle needs to be correct. You may also need to provide your lecturer with your email address as there may be more than one person with the same name as yours

    If your lecturer has turned on self enrollment option for the unit, you will be able to enroll yourself to the unit. The enrollment option may ask for "enrollment key" if your lecturer has configured one. Otherwise, you should be able to enroll yourself without the enrollment key.

    More information on locating the unit and enrolling is available through the tutorial here.

    Username & Passwords

    Staff and students use their PC login username and password with Moodle.

    If staff pc login username is tom.michael, staff would use the same username to login to Moodle with the same password.

    If a student has an ID number 2014991234, the student would place a letter "s" infront of the ID number thus for this student, the username would be s2014991234 and the password would be the same to login to PC's.

    Students need to note that their Online Student Management System password is different and cannot be used to login to Moodle unless Online Student Management System Password is same as PC Login Password.

    Users should also note that login accounts for Moodle and PC expire after a period of time to ensure security of users accounts. For those students, who login to PC, are notified if their password is about to expire or have expired.

    In case your Moodle account is not working, you must quickly login to any PC within FNU and change your password or visit an ICT lab to get your password reset.

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